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James AKA Stone
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Hi everyone,

I'm doing another 24-hour stream this year to fund-raise for my Walk for ALS coming up in Durham Region in June. I was diagnosed with ALS in 2012; fortunately it is slow-progressing with me, so I have a lot of time to help fundraise and will one day see viable treatment options or even a cure.

I really appreciate any support you can give me. Even a dollar is great: it's a dollar we didn't have before.

My 24-hour stream is being planned to start on Saturday May 26 at 12-noon. We'll be playing some D&D, streaming our podcast, games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo 3 and more. You will be able to watch at http://twitch.tv/WoWChallenges.

Thank you all for your support!



I am participating in the WALK for ALS this year, joining a passionate community to challenge this devastating disease.

ALS is a terminal disease that takes away people’s ability to walk, talk, and eventually breathe. Support from the WALK for ALS helps to create a better reality for people and families living with ALS by enabling access to support services and equipment. The WALK also allows us to be hopeful about a brighter future where ALS will be a treatable, not terminal disease, by funding promising ALS research. The ALS Canada Research Program provides peer-reviewed grants with the greatest potential to advance the field of ALS. Many leading ALS researchers believe that effective treatment options are now a matter of “when,” not “if,” and that research discovery is limited only by the amount of funding available to pursue it. This makes the WALK for ALS an important vehicle for progress.

Please support my fundraising efforts and help challenge ALS – we know we are stronger together!

Date de l'événement
2018-06-16 00:00
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Durham Region

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Tulli Laisser un message
12 juin 2018 14:33
Lets have a great walk
Tulli a fait don de 800,00 $
12 juin 2018 14:32
Dopplemonger a fait don de 5,00 $
26 mai 2018 22:40
Neverdied a fait don de 50,00 $
26 mai 2018 10:54
Gavriil a fait don de 20,00 $
26 mai 2018 09:53
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26 mai 2018 05:53
Akari a fait don de 50,00 $
26 mai 2018 05:45
Xortz a fait don de 50,00 $
26 mai 2018 02:05
Dennis Friedrich Laisser un message
25 mai 2018 17:37
Hi James, you don't know me, I am Denise Doring's father-she told me of your troubles, I just wanted to help in some way--good luck with all your endevors.
yes a fait don de un montant non divulgué
25 mai 2018 17:31
LYNNE Jeoffroy a fait don de un montant non divulgué
20 mai 2018 10:20
Kashbringer Laisser un message
19 mai 2018 15:21
Always happy to help a good cause.
Kashbringer a fait don de 25,00 $
19 mai 2018 15:20
Firtin Laisser un message
19 mai 2018 10:18
Good luck on the walk!
Kevin Parker a fait don de un montant non divulgué
19 mai 2018 10:17
Grand Naugs Laisser un message
18 mai 2018 11:52
Always a worthy cause for sure! Thank you, Stone, for doing this!
Grand Nagus a fait don de 25,00 $
18 mai 2018 11:50
Leeta Laisser un message
18 mai 2018 05:01
You are a great friend and an inspiration and I wish you all the best with the fundraiser and walk! Extra Choc Mint Tim Tams at BlizzCon for sure! :D
Kym Roberts a fait don de 50,00 $
18 mai 2018 04:57
Barbara Duhl-Emswiler & John Emswiler a fait don de un montant non divulgué
17 mai 2018 11:33
John Palmer Laisser un message
16 mai 2018 10:38
You never cease to amaze me sir! All the work you do is amazing! From the shows, to the work you do for others and being a great dad and loving husband! To top it all off, an awesome friend to have! Thank you!
Turwinkle a fait don de 50,00 $
16 mai 2018 10:36
Ken Poklitar Laisser un message
15 mai 2018 16:18
Good luck. Love listening to your stuff. Good luck with things. My dad lost his battle with ALS several years back. Hopefully they will find something soon to help everyone with it!
ken poklitar a fait don de 75,00 $
15 mai 2018 16:17
Nicke Spann a fait don de un montant non divulgué
15 mai 2018 12:44
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15 mai 2018 09:58
BoZ a fait don de 100,00 $
01 mai 2018 07:40
'Ster Laisser un message
30 avril 2018 13:09
On behalf of all rogues, druids, and monks of Azeroth, best wishes for your ALS campaign.
Ster a fait don de 100,00 $
30 avril 2018 13:07
Frazley Sparkspan a fait don de 25,00 $
30 avril 2018 12:28