Thank you and congratulations to our Top Teams and Fundraisers across Ontario

Top Fundraisers

Trish and Gary$96,147.21
Mark Kirton$74,955.21
Hélène et Bernard Marvil$31,865.00
Jeff Sutherland$22,895.00
Michel A Pilon$18,180.00
Dennis Zinger$17,695.00
Friend of ALS Canada$17,500.00
Taya Jones$16,305.00
St Pius walks with you$12,736.00

Top Teams

Cool it Stevie, Cool it$124,335.21
Team Kirtz$74,955.21
Miles for Mannix$44,255.81
ALS Canada: Can't Stop, Won't Stop$38,693.00
Team Daly$32,095.00
Sutherland Supporters$30,695.00
Team Peacock$29,745.00
Diana's Defenders$24,460.00
Team Taya$21,722.00