Let’s pull for change.

This fall, Plane Pull is looking a little bit different, but we are determined to create a fun, challenging event where you can make a difference! Join us with your team and compete against other teams in our virtual Skills Competition. We will issue weekly challenges, and host weekly “in-flight entertainment” sessions all leading up to October 7th, when we will “gather” to celebrate all you have accomplished as a team!

Join our official Facebook group to stay in tune with updates, see what your competition is up to and share your Skills Competition success! Friendly trash talk is encouraged! We will also be hosting weekly “In-Flight Entertainment” for you and your team to keep you busy, active and entertained!

Think your team has what it takes?

Watch the video from our 2019 Plane Pull to End ALS event to get inspired and excited for a team building experience you can participate in, from the comfort of your home!

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Why you should get on board

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You’ll combine team building with supporting an important cause AND you’ll get an experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

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Challenge your mind and body with the task at hand and nurture your heart and soul by supporting people in your community who are affected by ALS.

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A virtual skills competition may sound difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the weight that 3,000 Canadians and their families carry with them every day living with ALS.

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It’s a devastating disease that causes gradual paralysis with no cure. We need your help to invest in community-based support, advocacy, and research for a future without ALS.

These are the reasons why we all need to pull together to end ALS.

Here's how it works

1Create a team

Who has what it takes in your organization to bring their A-game and challenge others in a virtual skills competition?

2Register online

Due to the virtual nature of this year’s event, there is no limit to the number of teams welcome to join this year! Come one, come all – but get ready for some seriously fun competition!

3Raise $4,000

This is an exclusive experience with no general public access, so you’ve got to pull your weight to be here.

4Reach "1st Class"

This is reserved for our top fundraising teams and is full of special perks - an experience money can’t buy.

*Please note that this event is open to adults ages 18 and older