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Pull a plane. Literally.

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This fall, your team of up to 12 people will race against the clock by attempting to pull a 37,000-pound plane for 100 metres.

Think your team has what it takes?

Watch the video from the 2018 ALS Canada Plane Pull for a peek at what you can expect.

Here’s how it works:

  • Put your team together.
    Who’s got what it takes in your organization to bring their A-game and challenge the 44-second record?

  • Register online.
    Pick a team name and identify one captain plus up to 11 team members. Secure your spot first and add to your team later. There are only 20 pull times available.

  • Reach a minimum $4,000 fundraising goal to participate.
    This is an exclusive experience with no general public access, so you’ve got to pull your weight to be here.

  • Unlock the “First-Class” experience when your team surpasses $10,000. This is reserved for our top fundraising teams and is full of special perks - an experience money can’t buy.

*Please note that this event is open to adults ages 18 and older.

Why participate?

  • You’ll combine team building with supporting an important cause AND you’ll get an experience that you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Challenge your mind and body with the task at hand and nurture your heart and soul by supporting people in your community who are affected by ALS.
  • Pulling a plane may sound difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the weight that 3,000 Canadians and their families carry with them every day living with ALS.
  • It’s a devastating disease that causes gradual paralysis with no cure. We need your help to invest in community-based support, advocacy, and research for a future without ALS.

These are the reasons why we all need to Pull Together to End ALS.

Top Fundraisers

Eric Levesque$9,190.00
Robert Offley$6,000.00
Dan Riverso$5,625.00
Jody Sperling$5,088.00
Lorena Murialdo$4,445.00
Dyana Janes$4,200.00
Tammy Moore$3,725.00
Janice Robertson$3,635.00
Ian Matthews$2,289.00
Monica Boaretto$2,200.00
Marcela Gatica$2,176.00
Lise Michaud$1,915.00
Laura R.$1,900.00
C. Morkill$1,884.00
Patrick Nelson$1,725.00
Chantal Wall$1,690.00
Sebastian Gatica$1,510.00
Laura Gay$1,500.00
Michelle Campbell$1,425.00
Shernee Chandaria$1,356.00
Lolo Lam$1,270.00
Drew MacDonald$1,243.00
Jay Blachford$1,225.00
Darren Lorimer$1,150.00
Brian Honda$1,075.00
Ron Foerster$1,015.00
Andrew Moor$1,000.00
Josette Melanson$975.00
Shirin Anand$935.00
Terri-Jean Geddis$860.00
Scott Rome$820.00
Michel Gagnon$800.00
Rosario Marchese$700.00
Naomi LeLacheur$650.27
Neil Narine$625.00
Deborah Bolton$575.00
Todd Meyer$565.00
Gordon Kwan$545.00
Ronen Bauer$525.00
Adrian Turek$525.00
Leah Mangano$500.00
Paul Meredith$500.00
Friend of ALS Canada$500.00
Line Theberge$490.00
Zach Schneider$475.00
Gillian Scott$405.00
Rena Myrtaj$400.00
Friend of ALS Canada$400.00
Tyler Johnson$400.00
Jaime Morales$360.00
Alexis Drake$350.00
Steven Burr$335.00
Charmaine Fong$310.00
Neva Lyn-Kew$285.00
Derek Simoes$281.00
Shasta Barron$280.00
Layla Jeffrey$271.00
Michael Cummings$255.00
Todd Storey$250.00
Natasha Wise$250.00
Marton Nunes$250.00
Denise Laframboise$250.00
Cristobal Murialdo-Smith$250.00
Dominik Turek$245.00
Jeff Weddig$225.00
Natalie Di Meo$200.00
Nelvin Byrd$200.00
Alecia Elmier$200.00
Jeff Erickson$200.00
James Simon$200.00
Friend of ALS Canada$200.00
Mike Walker$195.00
Charles Kan$175.01
Herminia Garcia$175.00
Michelle Narine$175.00
Andrew Pantja$155.00
Carol Nguyen$150.00
Oliver Platt$150.00
Katrina Di Raddo$125.00
Andrew Harrison$125.00
Amy Moriarty$125.00
Kelly Rahaman$125.00
Omar Madhany$125.00
Samantha Bahadur-Singh$120.00
Farhaan Bhojani$110.00
Janet Tam$100.00
Mazi Amirazodi$100.00
Oliver Pavao$100.00
Natascia Contento$100.00
Matt Philips$100.00
Laura Herd$100.00
Hasia Lo$85.00
Sital Widhoun$80.00
Leanne St Louis$75.00
Celeste Chiasson$75.00
John SL$50.00
James Pilla$50.00
Malcolm Christie$50.00

Top Teams

Let's Roll$35,746.00
Team BLG$24,009.00
Team MT Pharma $12,885.00
EQB - Aviators$12,506.76
For Pete's Sake$11,450.00
Los Elefantes$11,161.00
CR Wall Squad$11,080.27
EQB - Crew$4,153.76
EQB - Flight$4,112.76
EQB - Force$3,889.75
12 Mortgage Brokers Who Care$3,125.00
The Terminalators$705.00
Jazz Hands$500.00

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